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Tiktok: The 3 Best Practices for your E-com Brand (with examples)


Last updated on 07/13/2022

The goal of the article is to let you know whether  you should go on TikTok with your e-com brand, and if it is possible to use it as a traffic acquisition source.

Tiktok was the most downloaded application in the world in July 2021 according to sensorTower

The young audience is 4 times more engaged than on other social media with an average engagement rate of 15.86% according to statista

In January 2021, the app had 689 Million monthly active users, according to dataportal.

Who is on the app?

TikTok’s acquisition strategy is extremely well done, and its retention strategy is sensational. There are more than 1 billion videos viewed every day and 52 minutes spent on average on the app in 2019, according to businessofapps.

Instagram and Youtube focused on millenials, TikTok on the generation Z.

The characteristics of the young gen Z are: digital native, creative, excellent online communication, changes the status quo. 

Tiktok now also focuses on creative peoples and puts a lot of emphasis on content creators, in order to attract brands for their Ad Platform Business Solution.

In 2021 the age of monthly active users tends to become more widespread, a more mixed audience, and different niches can be seen. 

We’re seeing that the emergence of more diverse content and an algorithm, which is still a bit crazy, tends to offer content based on your previous views and engagements.

Why is it such a success with Gen Z?

Other social media have become boring because they are not innovative, according to them. This generation gets bored very quickly and is constantly looking for something new.

They are looking for short, fresh, unique and fun content.

Since the videos native to the platform are videos filmed on a smartphone, usually in-house and amateur, this format has perfectly suited the situation of 2019 and 2020 during the various lockdowns.

How to launch my ecom brand on TikTok?

TikTok Ads

15X ROAS for Princess Polly

For its TikTok campaign, the Australian clothing brand Princess Polly was looking to drive new audiences to buy online and be able to measure the impact of its ad spend on TikTok.

Princess Polly ran a coupon code campaign using TikTok ads with a traffic and a conversion objective. The goal was to promote the brand to reach a wider audience, increase traffic to its e-commerce site and ensure that improved sales could be directly attributed to TikTok by calculating the revenue earned by customers using the unique discount code.

Kim Zorn, Digital Marketing Manager, explains, “TikTok’s ad products allow us to be creative in our communication and reach Gen Z and Millennials in a way we haven’t done before on other channels.”

Results: +9 million impressions, a click-through rate of 1.05% and a Return On Ad Spent (ROAS) of 15X – Digital Marketing Manager Kim Zorn was “blown away” by the results. The TIKTOK20 discount code made it easy to track and measure purchases driven by the campaign.

You can check the study case here:

The TikTok ads manager looks like the Facebook ads manager and other social ads platforms. You will not be lost if you are used to advertising campaigns on other social networks.

The difference is in the creativity – you must have an ad that fits into the application.
For the audience targeting, make the target wide. In 2021, the algorithm is still perfectible and must accumulate data. It does not yet know how to determine precise interests. So stay on broad interests if you decide to target by interest.

Are TikTok Ads profitable for you?

E-commerce brands that are creative and want to develop their Gen Z and Millennials segment can jump on TikTok without hesitating. You can spend a testing budget to try different things then optimize when you find a winning ad.

The video is very important, it must be native to the application and blend into the feed. The choice of music is important as well. 

You can track your conversions in the Tiktok Ads Manager or like Princess Polly, offer a special promo code to see the contribution on your online store sales.

You can find other examples of success stories with Tiktok Ads and get inspired here:

TikTok Influencer Marketing

Strategy perfectly executed by Levi’s

The American jeans brand Levi’s  used the power of influencer partnerships to launch a co-branded product on Tiktok.

In order to offer unique content, the brand called on Callen Schaub, Gabby Morrison and Everett Williams. Each was able to create their own jeans and then present them to their community with TikTok videos and a Shop Now button in their post.

Levi’s achieved a winning combination of co-creation and product placement to optimize their influencer strategy on TikTok.

The results lived up to expectations as the brand confirmed an increase in traffic to its website and a significant increase in sales.


Loved creating my oddly satisfying Levi’s jeans last month. Get my bespoke design at! #ad

♬ original sound – Callen Schaub
Callenschaub x Levi’s

Is Influencer Marketing with Tiktokers interesting for you?

Brands that have experience in influencer marketing, that can do co-branding or that have a relationship with content creator agencies on TikTok can give it a try.

You can also use the platform provided by TikTok to find the right fit.

The advantage of this platform, created by TikTok, is that it gives you the audience statistics of TikTok content creators.

TikTok Content strategy

Gymshark relies on UGC

I use Gymshark as exemple very often in my articles. 

Gymshark is a British sportswear brand founded in 2012 by Ben Francis and a partner.

This brand really understood Tiktok and was able to develop a perfectly executed content strategy that allows them to have +3M followers on the app.

The reason for their success on TikTok is the massive use of UGC (user generated content). Gymshark has been able to involve their fans in the content creation and this is the guarantee to seduce the TikTok target, in the quest for exposure and likes.

To achieve this, the brand created a proven digital strategy:

The massive use of their hashtag #gymshark.

By reposting content, creating their own hashtag and displaying it in the caption of their publications, Gymshark encourages their community to use it too. This is how the brand collects some very qualitative content from their customers.

This allowed the brand to quickly grow a Tiktok community, boost their exposure and increase their chances of generating viral content on the application.

Are you ready for TikTok content?

TikTok is a social media app that encourages engagement and great content. It makes the brand very accessible. It allows brands to get closer to their customers more than on any other platform.

The young generation of content creators on TikTok is eager to get followers, likes, and fame. By using the # of a brand, they can reach new audiences and reach new fans.

Note that Gymshark already has a strong community of +9M cumulative followers on Instagram. So they were able to transfer their audience from one social media to another.

If you don’t have a big audience yet, you will have to post content regularly on Tiktok. The ideal is to post several videos every day.

Wrap up

The ideal acquisition strategy for TikTok is to combine all 3 best practices to make noise on the TikTok apps.

  1. Make partnerships with influencers content creators on Tiktok. Ask them to create content for your products that you can repost.
    Create a Tiktok launch campaign for your brand with your own #, a theme, and a promo code.
  2. Once you have video content created by these influencers, start your organic content strategy by frequently posting videos.You can also publish the behind the scenes of your brand which works very well on TikTok, as it enhances proximity with your community.

    Engage with your community as much as possible and don’t try to sell your products with your content…

    If people want to buy your product, they will find the link to your website on your profile, or check on Google. No worries, the digital native generation knows how to find what they are looking for.
  3. Launch TikTok ads, boost your videos to create social proof and get more exposure if your video views don’t take off. 

    You can boost videos to reach millions of views and get new followers at an interesting price. 

Make sure these followers are from the right countries where you can ship to by adjusting the country distribution.

Then you can launch conversion campaigns with a promo code to convert your audience into customers. If you launch on cold audiences, results will be disappointing because the algorithm is not yet powerful enough to find customers without data.

Is your TikTok campaign successful? Is it already in your digital marketing strategy?

You have an idea for a campaign and want to submit it to our community for advice?

We want to hear from you!

Share it in the comments below!


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