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Posts published in March 2022

6 Tips to succed with your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign on Facebook Ads


Start your campaign 1 or 2 months before the launch of your crowdfunding campaign.
Run Lead Gen campaign to capture emails, and at the end of the FB Form, invite people to join your private FB group to get a special offer. Run Traffic or Conversion campaign with retargeting and lookalike audiences.
Don't make false promises you can't keep.

How to leverage Social Media Marketing to build a brand?
8 things you need to know about Social Media Marketing to build your brand.


Social media is an excellent tool for promoting and growing your business. Some, such as Instagram, have even become essential in some industries, such as beauty and fitness.
But what strategy should you use? Which social media platform should you prioritize?
Is a brand's presence on social media or the broadcasting of advertisements on numerous social media platforms profitable in the long run?
First of all, an internal audit is necessary.