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The digital toolbox of the e-commerce brand. 99 online tools to launch & grow your e-commerce brand (almost free).


Last updated on 10/15/2022

This article is for you if your goal is to create the next million-dollar e-commerce brand, and don’t have $999,999 to do so. We will introduce you to all the tools that can help you in your daily life as an entrepreneur.

You will have all the keys in hand to quickly find what you need. But beware, without money and help, you still need a lot of discipline, motivation, ambition and resilience to achieve this goal.


The tools are divided into 7 main categories.

As I added these tools by category, I realized that some of these tools cover multiple functions. (ex: website + design), (analytics + marketing).

Do a CTRL + F search for the category you need!


  • Website
    • Content Management system
    • Landing Page A/B Test
    • Web Prototyping
    • Social Proof Apps
    • Pop-up App
    • Customer Reviews & UGC App
    • Loyalty program
    • Speedtest
    • Back-up data
  • Design
    • Visual creation
    • Video editing
    • Free stocks library
    • Recording video
  • Operations
    • Dropshipping
    • Fulfillment 
    • Inventory and supply chain
    • Customer support
    • Tracking package
  • Marketing 
    • Social Media content management and automation
    • Influence marketing
    • Press and Media
    • Keyword research SEO
    • Presse and Media
    • Emailing
    • Marketplaces
    • CRM
    • Copy
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Analytics
    • Tracking
    • Spy
    • Customer Data
    • Behavior
    • Data visualization
    • Data Link
  • Project Management
    • Stock and share
    • Organize
    • Delegate
  • Others
    • Compliance with GDPR & ePrivacy
    • Finance
    • Address Office
    • Social Media downloaders
    • Trend topics
  1. Website
    1. Content Management system

Shopify: The easiest and quickest e-commerce platform to create an ecommerce website without having to code anything. Easy to use, fast to set up, and inexpensive to run.

  1. Landing Page A/B Test

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO): it includes great A/B testing with powerful analysis tools.

Create a simple, fully-responsive single landing page for testing ideas and concepts with Carrd. Great Landing Page builder tool without code skills.

Leadpages: pop-up, alter bars, checkout forms, landing page builder for multiple levels of A/B test.

Unbounce: Smart builder for a landing page with no code.

  1. Web Prototyping

Balsamiq: software to design great user interfaces.

Figma: Complete design software tool with Whiteboard, design, prototyping, systems design.

Justmind: Design and prototyping tool for web and mobile apps from wireframes to highly interactive prototypes.

  1. Social Proof Apps

Fomo: show off customer interactions on your ecommerce website with a small pop-up on the corner of the screen.

  1. Pop-up App

Sumo: Email capture tool.

  1. Customer Reviews & UGC App

Yotpo: Get ratings and reviews from customers on your ecommerce website. You can add visual reviews and loyalty programs as well.

Trustpilot: Customers will leave reviews of your website here. You don’t have control over it but can add a widget on your website if it is worth it.

  1. Loyalty program point system for premium, VIP, and referral customers.

Referralcandy: referral program that works well and is easy to set up.

  1. Speedtest

Gtmetrix: Web performance speed and monitoring, will provide windows for improvement.

  1. Backup data

Rewind Backups: daily automated Store Backups to Sleep better knowing that your store is protected. 

  1. Design
    1. Visual creation

Canva: All-in-one software to create design and find inspiration. It also includes video editing, photo editing, and image-free stock in the premium version.

You basically don’t need anything else with the premium version.
Except for Photoshop and video editor for more advanced creating and editing.

  1. Video editing

Kapwing: Collaborative online tool video editing.

A lot of online video editing software pop-ups on the web.
Biteable is interesting as well for quick online video editing.

Hnet: an online tool to optimize your video for your website

I would recommend Canva for simple projects or hire a professional for a complex project that requires expertise.

  1. Free stock

AllTheFreeStock: the one place to find all the free stock images, video, sound, logo.

Freepik: Graphic resources library more logo and vector oriented.

Shutterstock: Paid library with more choice of image, vector, videos and less used by people online (because it is a paid library).

  1. Recording Video

Camtasia: Sometimes you will need to record a video for employees or clients. Camtasia is the best screen recorder and simple video editor.

CloudApp: Record your screen as a video with your voice & face, an annotated image, or a GIF and instantly share it

  1. Operations
    1. Dropshipping 

Oberlo: Easily import dropshipped products into your e-commerce store from any marketplace.

Dsers: Same as Oberlo but Aliexpress official integration. You can find multiple supplier options and compare costs only from Aliexpress.

Cj dropshipping: provides fulfillment services and online logistic agent.

  1. Fulfillment

Shipbob: a global logistics platform that fulfills e-commerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands.
Fulfillment will highly depend on your location. ShipBob is for the USA.

  1. Inventory management and supply chain

Sellbrite: Inventory sync to keep marketplace quantities accurate

Netsuite (Oracle): Manage and optimize your global supply chain

  1. Customer support management

Zendesk: conversational connected communication across any channel.

Freshdesk: same as zendesk.

Openphone: adds work phone numbers to your existing devices. No new hardware is required.

Gorgias:  helpdesk that centralize all your support tickets in one place

  1. Tracking package

Aftership: improve your post-purchase experience with a tracking app

  1. Digital Marketing
    1. Social Media content management and automation

missinglettr: Your social media content on autopilot.

Hootsuite: Manage all social media marketing in one place 

Buffer: Plan and measure your social media performance 

Hashtagforlikes: search and the software will detect the most popular tags for your search. 

Bitly: Short and personalize your link in your text description
Fdown: Download Facebook videos with URL link.

Storysaver: Download IG stories

  1. Influence marketing and UGC

Tribe: Create campaigns for branded content on social media.

Upfluence: Find influencers, monitor campaigns on an influencer marketing platform

Creator marketplace: Tik Tok official creator marketplace to link TikTok influencers with brands Analyze real-time performance posts from IG and Tiktok profile or hashtags
Hype Auditor: Analytical platform for transparent influencer marketing 

Dovetale: Influencer affiliate program directly on your website.

  1. Keyword research and SEO

SEMrush: Probably one of the best tools for digital marketing out there. It does SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing.

research competitors’ keywords to get insight into which keywords they’re targeting and how well they’re ranking for them. keywords finder, get keywords with suggestions for your SEO and SEA 

KWFinder: Find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty

Google Keyword Planner: get search volume on Google 

Uber suggest : a very complete tool for SEO including content ideas, keywords suggestions, top SEO pages, traffic web sources, backlink…

  1. Press and Media

Mention: social listening tool to monitor the web, listen to the audience, and manage social media

Prowly: Find relevant media contact to send eye-catching visual press release

Muck Rack: Find the right journalist to pitch

Meltwater: PR and social media monitoring tool 

  1. Emailing & SMS

Klavyio: The best full-service email marketing platform to create targeted and personalized email experiences for your customers. 

Mailchimp: An alternative to Klavyio, even if they are not specialized in e-commerce, it is a great email marketing tool. SMS marketing software

SMSbump: another SMS marketing software with SMS automation and SMS campaign

  1. Marketplaces integration & Catalog

Lengrow: Connect your product catalog listing to different marketplaces very easily.

  1. CRM

Hubspot: Powerful and easy to use CRM 

Airtable: Create smart spreadsheets, very easy to use CRM as well

  1. Copywriting automated generate marketing copy in seconds.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization

Adoric: A/B test your entire ecommerce website with the possibility to personalize email, a widget in your cart, etc. For conversion optimization

Optimonk: better shopping experience for visitors with messenger, gamify, lead magnet on your website.

Widebundle: Application to create offers, bundles, and quantity breaks on your product page

  1. Analytics
    1. Tracking 

facebook pixel helper: Official Facebook extension to helps you validate your pixel implementation

Tag assistant legacy: Verify your google tag with the google official extension

  1. Spy

Similarweb: Analyze any app or website‎ traffic.

Alihunter: Only for Shopify stores, analyze products competitors on their website.

  1. Customer data

Typeform: audience survey tools, very easy to use, and multiple functions.

  1. Behavior

Bento: manage every customer touchpoint, in one place.

Hotjar: Heatmaps, visitor recordings, to understand how users behave on your website.

Crazyegg: Heatmaps, recordings, A/B testing 

  1. Data visualization

Tableau: visual analytics platform to be more data-driven

Google Data studio: create a dynamic dashboard with imported data

BeProfit: analytics dashboard linked to your store to see the real ROI from all your digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Datalink

Supermetrics:  picks up all the data and links it to reporting, analytics, or storage platforms.

  1. Project Management
  1. Stock and Share

Dropbox: Organize and secure access to all your files.

Google drive: Organize, and access to all your files, + you can create your documents in different forms (board, notes, presentation slides).

  1. Communicate

Slack: The best communication tool. You can create a group room, send a link, file, and 1:1 conversation.

Miro: Mindmap builder. The online collaborative whiteboard platform

  1. Organize

Evernote:  Notes, tasks, and schedules all in one place.

Trello: Team project management tool with more visuals with cards and team management project functionality.

Notion: This all-in-one workspace works pretty well for every task from project to content and notes.

  1. Delegate

General service platform:

Fiverr: great to find an operator or professional for simple tasks only.

Upwork: You can find experts for 10 times less price that will be happy to work with you on your project. It can work with hourly, daily or project budgets so that you can control your cost.

Service platform of designers:

99designs: select designers to participate in your project. Designers submit ideas and you pick your favorite.

Behance: The place where the most talented designers show their portfolio. You can hire them from the platform.

  1. Others
  1. Compliance with GDPR & ePrivacy

Axeptio To be compliance in EU allowing to collect the consents on your website

  1. Finance

Quickbooks: Your bookkeeper online accounting software

Revolut: Free online bank account that allows you to pay online

N26: German online bank very easy to use as well and ultra-secure

  1. Address Office

Anytime mailbox: Manage your postal mail online

  1. Trend topics

Answerthepublic: Discover what people are asking about on the web.

Exploding Topics: Discover Exploding Topics by time period and categories 

Google Analytics Tool: UTM builder

Something is missing? Your best favortie tool is not here? Let us know in the comments!


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