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How to sell product online in western countries with a digital marketing strategy?


Last updated on 07/13/2022

Build an e-commerce website

The differences between selling on Amazon and selling on your own e-commerce site are huge. What is the major difference between a marketplace such as Amazon and your own website? When you sell on Amazon:

1. You don’t control the customer experience.

No personalized emails

No personalized packaging

No personalized follow-up

No contact with the brand directly

As a result, the customer doesn’t remember your brand.

2. You have no customer data.

You don’t know who they are, where they live, what they like

You don’t know what their demographic criteria are

You don’t have their contact information or even their email address

As a result, you don’t have data on who is buying and you can’t offer them deals or discounts to buy other products from your brand.

So you have to create your own e-commerce website. But don’t worry, it’s easy. Look at the resources at the end of this article and click on “Create my e-commerce site here”.

Then, when your e-commerce website is set up, you have a few things to set up to be able to do digital marketing on westerners’ platforms.

Create your business manager account for advertising online

  • Create your business page for social media where you want to launch your marketing content
  • Make sure your brand name is available
  • Fill in all the information required
  • Do the verification process with your e-commerce website
  • Integrate the Pixel to track data
  • Set up and launch your first ads campaign with $5 to make sure everything is running smoothly

Create valuable assets with visual content

For social media, you need visual content. Western countries love images and video ads. You can create in-house or outsource to a photo studio or design and video production agency.

Find a professional studio that is used to shoot similar products. Ask for a model if possible, it will cost more, but it is better to have content with people in it.

Build your fan community on social media

When your visual content is ready, start posting on social media and add it to your e-commerce website. It will add value to your brand. Then you can start building your community.

  • Create a private group and interact with your audience.
  • Launch giveaways and contests to get a lot of engagement and new followers.
  • Share promo codes to drive people to your website.
  • Engage with people on social media to build a powerful community around the brand.

Use Influencers to promote your special promo offer and your products

  1. Seek influencers with a high engagement rate.
  2. Find influencers that match your product and brand.
  3. Reach out to them by presenting your brand, your products, and by proposing a long-term partnership.
  4. If they accept a paid partnership, do not hesitate to negotiate the price.
  5. Ship your products to influencers.
  6. Ask to see the content before they post.
  7. Ask if you can reuse the content on your website and ad campaign.

DO NOT reuse the content if they don’t want you to. This could harm your business.

You need to reach a minimum of 100-200 influencers to get 20 influencers’s responses.

The average response rate is about 20%.

And if you ship products and negotiate a free post with a small influencer, you have a 70% chance of them posting for your brand on their feed, so be sure to follow up.

Launch Digital and Social Ads campaign

Reach people who have already seen your brand or visited your brand page, and people who visited your website but didn’t take action. Or position yourself on strategic keywords.

But setting up and launching digital and social ads is a complex task.

I advise you to ask an agency or an expert for help or to have a media buyer expert in social and digital ads join your team.

Don’t do it by yourself if you don’t have any experience, it will be a waste of money.

Use the data collected to optimize

Data analysis is what you should use first to make your decisions. Don’t let emotions speak for themselves after a few thousand RMB (chinese yuan) invested.

You need to know how to optimize, look in the right places and use the data acquired during your digital marketing campaigns to improve.

Get help from experts

Hire an e-commerce expert to help you build a tailored strategy for your business and implement it correctly.

When you launch your e-commerce business and get web traffic, you might not sell enough to make profits. E-commerce is an increasingly competitive industry and it is necessary to have the right strategy.

Ask an e-commerce expert to help you build a strategy and an action plan to stay ahead of your competitors.

Hire a digital marketing agency – only if necessary!

If you have the budget and want to delegate your digital marketing, make sure they have expertise to work with satisfied customers and can show you their expertise.

If you’re a small e-commerce business, don’t go with a large agency; they won’t spend enough time on your account and won’t optimize your campaign.

If you are a big brand with a big marketing budget, go to the big agencies. If they are Agency Digital Marketing partners, they can provide you with insights, benchmarks, special treatment and more targeting and advertising options if they spend enough budget for their clients.


Create your E-commerce site here:

–   Create your Digital Ads account here:

–   Create your social Ads account here:

–   Create your Analytics account here:

–   Chinese tutorial of Ads manager social ads:

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–   Contact influencers here:

–   Contact KOLs here:

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